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Please understand that we cannot promise a particular species before we catch it. By filling out the "Preferred Species" section of this form, it gives us an idea of what to target during our fishing trip. Once we have returned to port, we will contact you to let you know we have, in fact, caught your order. From there, we will send you an electronic invoice to pay with credit card and will deliver to your home. 

Thank you for submitting your order with us and continuing to support small-scale fishermen! We will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible, but please bear with us as sometimes, the entire crew is offshore for the day fishing, out of cell phone service range! Thanks! 

Message from Captain Tim Concerning Markets/Home Delivery for Week of 4/5/2020



Amid the COVID-19 outbreak and news, we have been thinking about our market schedule and the best way to proceed in getting you all the very freshest fish from our boats. We have received as massive amount of home delivery requests over the past few days. We intend to fish aggressively through this stretch and try to get our seafood from our vessels to consumers as quickly as possible to fulfill everyone's needs. We are going to try to do home deliveries more often over the next several weeks and minimize our market schedules for obvious reasons. We do have limited resources to do home deliveries every day so we appreciate larger orders. 

Special notice to our elderly and immuno-compromised customers: If you are having trouble getting fresh seafood, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We value you and we will do everything we can to help out including special requests such as smaller local home deliveries.


For Everybody - Please follow the instructions with home deliveries, including leaving a cooler with ice outside the morning of the delivery (we will send you a reminder the day before). Payment via credit card online will be available and greatly appreciated.


As for Markets - We have received a massive influx of home delivery orders and due to the limited amount of fish we can catch on our one vessel, we will only be doing home deliveries this week and no markets this weekend. Hopefully once the weather starts to be consistently more calm, we will be able to get out fishing more, catch more and sell at Tendercrop again soon. 


We hope things go back to normal as soon as possible for everybody and that we will be able to take our supporters out fishing again but until then, we intend to work diligently to get everyone fresh seafood from our boat to you.

Thank you for supporting local fishermen.

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