Market Schedule Week of January 27th and Weekly Update

As some of your know, we have been making major changes to our 47' LeBlanc, F/V Finlander, which is one reason why we haven't had haddock, cod, pollock, etc for sale lately. We have removed all dragging gear as we turn the vessel in our main hook-and-line/scallop boat. This means no more nets for trawling. The list of projects this entails is pretty long so the vessel will be out of commission for a few days this week. We will be installing cameras tomorrow for the electronic monitoring program we are a part of. This is a tool for fishing data collection. 

As we repurpose our dragger to turn it into a more sustainable hook and line fishing boat, we are documenting all projects with photos and will keep everyone updated on our progress. We will get back to scalloping later this week for weekend markets and Friday home deliveries (sign up here)

Please scroll down for market schedule. We will be doing scallop home delivery on Friday for 5lbs or more. Keep in mind it's Superbowl Weekend!! #baconwrappedscallops

Also we are giving out FREE T SHIRTS on Saturday at Tendercrop Newbury and Dover to those who purchase 3 lbs or more of scallops. While supplies last. Sizes are S, M, L, XL, and 2XL. Represent your favorite fishmongers while enjoying some tasty sea scallops this weekend. 

Thanks all!

- Captain Tim and Crew 

Thank you for supporting local fishermen.

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