Market Schedule Week of February 24th and Weekly Update 

Thursday, 2/27

Golden Harvest, Kittery, ME: 1 - 6PM

Seafood Selection: Scallops and Fish! 

Friday, 2/28

Home Delivery: 5lb+ Scallops

** If we catch a lot of fish on Wednesday, we will add a home delivery

of a fish species for delivery Friday. Keep an eye on social media for that update!


Saturday, 2/29

Tendercrop Farm, Newbury, MA:  10 - 5PM

Tendercrop Farm, Dover, NH: 10 - 5PM

Seafood Selection: Definitely Scallops, Maybe Fish (depends on offshore weather Friday)

Sunday, 3/1

Salem NH Farmers Market, Mary Fisk Elementary School: 10 - 2PM

Tendercrop Farm, Wenham, MA: 10 - 3PM

Seafood Selection: Definitely Scallops, Maybe Fish (depends on offshore weather Saturday)

FISHING UPDATE: F/V Finlander II is ready for hook fishing! We are excited to announce we have installed several jig machines to allow us to fish with a hook and line in deeper water. If an effort to convert our trawler into a more sustainable hook boat, we have removed all trawling nets and replaced them with rod holders and jig machines.

Scroll Down For Photos! 

What is an electronic jig machine? 

A jig machine is a computerized unit that is controlled by a fisherman. The unit pays out line and senses when the sinker hits the bottom. It then performs jigging action with parameters set by the fisherman, based on the targeted species. These machines will allow us to fish in specific deep areas where traditional reeling-in-by-hand would just take too long. We will still be fishing by hand with rod and reel as we always have, for shallower fishing areas. This project is a part of a collaboration between New England Fishmongers and Alaska-based fishermen in an effort to work together to evoke change in the fishing industry and promote more sustainable fishing practices throughout the U.S. We are happy to work with like-minded fishermen to overcome obstacles that the small-boat fleet has been facing over recent years. 

Thanks all!

- Captain Tim and Crew 

Check out the Youtube video below showing the jig machines in action. This is not a video of our vessel, however we will be operating the same machines! 

Thank you for supporting local fishermen.

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