Our Story

New England Fishmongers was founded by Captain Tim Rider in 2015, when he began selling a small portion of his catch to local chefs. Since then, we expanded our sales directly from our boat to consumers in our community, working with a local farm and farmers markets throughout New England. Our mission is to provide our customers year round with a variety of the highest quality day boat caught seafood.  

At New England Fishmongers, we are catching and selling sustainable seafood from our boat using traditional hook and line fishing techniques that ensure the highest quality fish with the lowest impact to the fragile ecosystem. With the numbers of small-scale fishermen dwindling in New England right now as a result of a consolidating industry, we believe in the importance of traceability and accountability in all seafood products. 

Everyone at New England Fishmongers is also a commercial fishermen, working on our vessels one way or the other and an active participate in the New England fishing industry. 

Thank you for supporting local fishermen.

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