Year-Round Groundfish

Seasonal Offerings


Atlantic Pollock

Pollock are almost exclusively caught by the F/V Finlander using rod & reel. Our most acclaimed catch! Each pollock is live bled, gilled & gutted, and brined at sea. Peak season is summer, fall, and winter.  We have had days where we catch 2,500 pounds in one trip.

Atlantic Cod

Cod are caught by both the F/V Finlander and F/V Finlander II. We catch cod year round and our biggest cod caught on rod and reel was in the summer of 2018.  It weighed in at 45 pounds and was caught by deckhand Chris Roberts.


The F/V Finlander II targets the four main species of flounder (winter flounder, yellowtail flounder, dabs, and grey sole) year round. Whole fish and/or fillets are available for purchase.


Haddock are caught by the F/V Finlander and F/V Finlander II. We catch haddock year round but the height of the season is Spring when we at times have caught over 1,200 pounds rod and reel in one day.


The F/V Finlander II targets monkfish year round.  It certainly isn’t going to win any beauty contests, but it is a delicious and under appreciated fish.  Monkfish texture and flavor is unique and has a strong following from some of our customer base.


Caught by the F/V Finlander [Eliot, ME] using rod & reel. Each cusk is live bled, gutted, and brined at sea. Cusk meat is white and firm and makes a great chowder fish.

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Dayboat Scallops

The F/V Finlander II scallops in Massachusetts state waters from December through April. When demand is high, we will also source additional dayboat scallops from the F/V Tribia Lee (Gloucester, MA -- Capt. Danny Murphy & Robert Porter) and F/V Helltown (Provincetown, MA -- Capt. Beau Gribbin). These scallops are not treated (dry) and are not sized. 

Atlantic Halibut

From time to time the F/V Finlander will hook up one of these beautiful fish while groundfishing, most frequently in Spring and Summer months when we are fishing offshore waters. The largest halibut we have ever caught rod and reel on the F/V Finlander was caught the summer of 2018 and weighed in at 80 pounds.

Atlantic Mackerel

Caught by the F/V Finlander. We jig for these mackerel by hand and immediately bleed and brine them. This enhances their taste and texture, while maintaining their opalescent color! A fantastic option for personal consumption as they range between half of a pound to a pound and a half. Perfect to throw onto the grill or smoker!

Acadian Redfish

Caught by both the F/V Finlander and F/V Finlander II. Redfish make a great meal as fillets or as a whole fish option.  Redfish season is at its peak from February to April.

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