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Thursday/Friday Deliveries!

How it Works:

1. Choose Your Seafood - Select your desired seafood home delivery package below. Complete your purchase and please remember to select your preferred species so we know what species to target during our fishing trips. 

2. We Catch Your Order - We will go fishing over the following few days and will let you know when we catch your order. We generally do deliveries on Thursdays and Fridays, based on our fishing schedule. We graciously take what the ocean gives us, working around Mother Nature so flexibility is appreciated. We will send you a confirmation email on Wednesday letting you know which day your order will be delivered. Please note that we work around the marine forecast so if there is severe weather on the ocean, we have to wait for calm seas for our crew's safety. We will keep you updated.

3. We Deliver Your Seafood - We will send you an email on Wednesday to let you know whether your order will be delivered on Thursday or Friday! On the morning of the delivery, leave a cooler outside by your doorstep/garage/patio and we will deliver with plenty of ice. 

Important: Please note we only do local delivery anywhere from Boston, MA to Portland, MA, west to Manchester, NH. We do NOT ship outside of this region at this time. Do not place an order with us if you are outside of this region/expect us to ship as we cannot provide this service right now. For local deliveries, your seafood will be delivered by one of the fishmongers in our refrigerated vans. 

General Delivery Area

(We are flexible)

Thank you for supporting local fishermen.

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