Scallop Shares are now available for the Winter/Spring 2021 season! We will be selling Scallop Shares from now until December 1st. Beginning on December 15th, Captain Tim and Kayla will be catching scallops in the icy waters of northern Massachusetts, off the coast of Plum Island, using our commercial vessel F/V Finlander II. These are local dayboat scallops, untreated (dry) and rinsed with seawater before being packed by the Fishmongers and sold the next day at our local markets.


How it Works: 

For a total cost of $180, you will receive a letter from us in the mail, with a Scallop Share Card (plastic gift card) loaded with ten (10) pounds of scallops. Keep this card in your wallet and redeem your scallops at any of our markets throughout the scallop season (December 15 - June 1st). The Scallop Share cards swipe like a credit card at the markets, so let your fishmonger know that you have a Share, and you'd like to redeem some dayboat scallops. All scallops will be sold by the pound (no half-pounds, sorry!). 


Why Buy A Scallop Share: We normally sell all of our scallops for $20/lb, so buying a scallop share will secure a discounted rate of $18/lb ($180 for 10 pounds of scallops). 


As an alternative to shopping at the markets, we can deliver the entire quantity of scallops to your home if you are local to the seacoast. This is a no-contact home delivery. Simply let us know that you'd like a delivery of your ten pounds of scallops, and once we catch them, we will notify you of the delivery date. Leave a cooler at your front door and we will drop them off, packed in ice. 


Season Opener: December 15, 2020 

Season Close: June 1st


Dayboat Vs. Tripboat Scallops

Most scallops you see in restaurants and grocery stores are harvested on "trip boats," which often fish offshore for a week or longer. The scallops are stored buried in ice and over the course of the trip, ice melts and soaks into the scallops. This adds weight (great for the fishermen because they get paid for the total pounds) but dilutes flavor (not so great for the consumer).  In addition, trip scallops are almost always treated with a chemical brine called STP (Sodium Tripolyphosphate). This causes the scallop to absorb more fresh water, adding even more weight. While many processors and dealers claim their trip scallops are "fresh off the boat," they have already been diluted and possibly older than seven days (not so fresh...).


We harvest our dayboat scallops within three miles of shore with a daily limit of 200 pounds per day. We fish for several hours and come back to port with our catch, where the scallops are processed immediately at our facility in Dover, NH and sold the same afternoon or the very next day. No chemicals are used, ever, and the scallops are simply rinsed with seawater to remove any sand particles. These are some of the freshest and sweetest scallops you can find.


Scallop Share - Winter/Spring 2021


    Thank you for supporting local fishermen.

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