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Updated: Feb 14

On The Water’s Chris Megan and Jimmy Fee join the crew of New England Fishmongers for an offshore fishing adventure in the Gulf of Maine. After a 70 mile steam Chris and Jimmy learn the ropes of the hook and line commercial fishery that the New England Fishmongers utilizes as a local and sustainable source of fresh fish.

Tune in Sunday, February 9th at 10AM on NBC Sports Boston. NBC Sports Boston is available nationwide on DirecTV.

FAQ About Episode

Why do you pay $3/lb for the codfish?

The groundfish fishery in New England is currently managed by a Catch Share system, meaning the rights to the wild fish in the Gulf of Maine are actually considered private property to specific entities. These entities include fishermen, environmental groups, international and domestic corporations, etc. The rights to the wild fish are called "quota" and if you are not fortunate enough to own much quota in the Gulf of Maine, you must join a cooperative (called a "sector") in which you can buy or lease quota from other party. The $3/lb price can increase and decrease based on stock assessments, availability of quota, current landings and open market price. As commercial fishermen, we cannot legally leave the dock to go fishing unless we have purchased a certain amount of quota for each species we may catch. Some weeks we spend up to 30% of our profits on more quota from other party to be able to go back out fishing. This system has essentially eroded fishermen's profit margins and made it nearly impossible to make a small fishing business work. We combat the system by selling all of our catch direct to consumer, allowing us to have a set price per pound for our fish.

What is your jigging set-up for pollock?

We use a 16oz diamond jig with three teaser flies.

What is your jigging technique?

We generally use a squidding technique... hit bottom, reel up 10-15 cranks and drop back down. Do this over and over.

Where can we find your seafood?

You can find us at any of our weekly markets. We are normally always at Tendercrop Farm in Dover, NH and Newbury, MA on Saturdays from 10-5PM (or sell out). On Sunday, you can find us at Salem NH Farmers Market and Kittery Commmunity Market. We are also at the Seacoast Eat Local farmers markets in the winter. Please visit our weekly schedule page here.


Thank you for supporting local fishermen.

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