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Species Questions 

Fish Fillets

All fish fillets come vacuum-sealed in one-pound portions. Haddock, cod, cusk and pollock will be skin-off and redfish is skin-on. See below for descriptions of each species. Please fill out the "Preferred Species" portion in the form above so we know what species you would like. As mentioned, we cannot promise any species before we catch them but we will do our best to target those species on our fishing trips and fill your order accordingly. 

Sea Scallops

Sea scallops are caught off of the Massachusetts coast. They are "dry," untreated sea scallops simply shucked and rinsed with sea water on the ocean. These are especially incredible when pan-seared with butter and lemon in a hot cast-iron pan. The scallops will be delivered to you in one-pound portions, packed in 16-oz plastic deli containers. 

Whole Fish

Our whole fish come gutted and cleaned with the head-on. Cooking whole fish may sound intimidating to some however it can be one of the most simple ways to prepare a seafood dinner. Fish on the bone always yields extra flavorful and fresh meat. Generally the fish we offer yield 30-45% meat yield. One of the best reasons to get the whole fish is to utilize other parts of the fish including the bones, collars and head. 

Home Delivery Questions

How big does my cooler need to be?

Generally any standard cooler with a 12-qt capacity works. If you don't have a cooler but you will be home during the day of the delivery, just let us know. We will put your seafood in a plastic shopping bag with ice and leave on your doorstep. We will ring the doorbell to let you know it has arrived. 

How do I pay? 

For Credit Card Payment - 

Click here to visit our Order Home Delivery page. Choose your desired option and select your preferred species so we know species to target. Complete your purchase and you will receive an order confirmation within 24ish hours. Sometimes it may be later because we may all be offshore for the day fishing. We will get back to you ASAP to let you know when we catch your order and when to expect a delivery. 

For Check Payment - 

If you would like to pay with a check, cash or Venmo, please email kayla@newenglandfishmongers.com to place your order. 

Thank you for supporting local fishermen.

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